Safety City

Projeto Safety City

The proposal of the Safety City Project is focusing on the aspects of identification of people and moving vehicles within the concept of Safe City, integrating the proof of concept with the existing security systems already implemented in the Campus.

The project is motivated by the need of non-intrusive solutions for identification of people and moving vehicles, not yet available in the market, and with the right performance for its application in open and uncontrolled environments. Also, privacy and information security requirements in systems involving identification are still not well-defined and should be studied from a legal and cultural point of view.

Moreover, the requirement of non-intrusive refers to the use of image recognition techniques in open and uncontrolled environments and require the development of algorithms, high-performance software, data compression techniques, high-speed network and network cameras integrated with the existing USP cloud, in a redundant and secure way.

In summary, the project is helping the USP Campus to become a pioneering laboratory in Brazil in the area of smart cities. Focusing on aspects ranging from process definition (focusing on privacy) to technological and user experience solutions development, contributing to the improvement of Quality of Experience (QoE) in multimedia transmissions, crucial, nowadays, in the assessment of complex technological solutions.